October 20, 2016

Biker for Life

Happiness is seeing a little kids expression when they see your bright red motorbike roaring past them. Their cute little eyes sparkle and they smile at you. They think of you like a superman. What you would experience in moments like these is one of the purest, innocent, and impartial forms of expression.

Their smile has the power to enter the hearts of many. It’s contagious, and it lights up the whole world. Their expression makes everything seem so alive. They make my day. So one of my favourite times to ride is when the school bell goes off and its time for kids to go home.

October 17, 2016

Who you are – Unspoken

What a great song :)

Ooo-oooh [2x]

I know that look you’re giving,
Like you’ve got something to prove
‘Cause I have walked for miles and miles
In that same pair of shoes

You refuse forgiveness
Like it’s something to be earned
Sometimes pain’s the only way that we can learn

You can never fall too hard,
So fast, so far
That you can’t get back
When you’re lost

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