February 17, 2017

He takes it personally!

Recently, while I was having quiet time with God, things just didn’t feel right. There was something hindering me from sensing God’s presence. While I was still thinking about what was wrong, I was reminded of some things that took place the day before. It didn’t feel like a “major” but to God it certainly was. I am 100% certain the people I was with didn’t know what I was thinking but God knew. I realised that I didn’t express my opinion on some things to avoid ‘awkward’ moments with some new people I met. I just wanted everything to be ‘normal’. I felt like it wasn’t going to make any difference on my stand for things and that I’d rather choose the easy way by keeping quiet and smiling away.

A lot of times we face these difficult and sometimes challenging situations. I am not saying we should always express our opinion on where we stand on things. But you will come across times where God expects you to stand up for Him. To be proud of the lifestyle you choose to live and to stand for what you know is right in your heart. Then there are other times where you’re better off being silent. So how would you know? I think this is where the Spirit of God comes in. It’s crucial for us to hear what God is saying to us every moment of our lives in order to truly live the life we ought to. I believe God takes your stand on things very personally. When I’ve gone to spend some quiet time with Him that morning, I felt like He was saying to me, You didn’t want me all day yesterday and now you’re crying out on how much you love me? Of course, He didn’t say that but I just feel so guilty each time I forget to listen to that still small voice as I get caught up in ‘busyness’ of this life.

Each situation we encounter in this life is very different and has to be dealt with differently. There is no ‘one size fits all’ guide we can follow. But it is good to know that our loving God has got our backs when we need Him. I am the type of guy who loves everything to be black or white. But someone rightly pointed out that life isn’t always black or white. Here a quote from them that’ll make you ponder, “Life can never be black or white. It’s the stuff in between that makes life what it is”. Quite true isn’t it? God certainly has His way of doing things. He takes us through turns we would otherwise never take and asks us to blindly trust Him till the end.

February 16, 2017

Listed on Softpedia!

What an awesome surprise?

Today, I received an email stating that one of our business apps – Email Verifier App has been published on one of the world largest download website – Softpedia. This website has been around as far as I can remember and it takes months to get listed. Thank you, Lord! I am so glad we are on it. Time to celebrate 🙂

February 7, 2017

You do not have the SUPER Privilege and Binary Logging is Enabled

Recently while trying to upgrade our project management app, I encountered this error, “You do not have the SUPER privilege and binary logging is enabled (you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable)”.

What we initially thought was the lack of TRIGGER privileges for that MySQL user. But even after giving the MySQL user all necessary privileges, we continued to experience that error during a backup process. By the way, you would need to specify the SUPER privileges for the user running the import into the database along with the CREATE ROUTINE, ALTER ROUTINE, CREATE TRIGGER, ALTER TRIGGER, CREATE FUNCTION and ALTER FUNCTION privileges. We use Amazon RDS for storing and managing data across all our websites and as many of you might be aware, Amazon isn’t keen on giving super privileges to users of their system.

To fix this issue, here is the solution that worked for us…

1) Open the Amazon RDS Console.
2) Go to the “Parameter Groups”
3) Create a New Parameter Group (You can add to existing custom parameter group if you got one). On the dialog, select the MySQL family compatible to your MySQL database version, give it a name and confirm.
4) Click on “Edit Parameters”
5) Look for the parameter “log_bin_trust_function_creators” and set its value to ‘1’
6) Click on “Save Changes”
7) Open “Instances” and Expand your Desired MySQL Instance
8) Click on “Instance Action” and Select “Modify”
9) Select the Parameter Group and enable “Apply Immediately”.
10) Click on “Continue” and Confirm Changes

It’s best to reboot for changes to reflect. Select the instance and reboot your MySQL instance. That should do the job. For those of you on traditional MySQL environment, you can specify the log_bin_trust_function_creators option in two ways.

1) Specify on Server Start as this “–log-bin-trust-function-creators=1”
2) By setting it to “1” using a Global Statement

mysql> SET GLOBAL log_bin_trust_function_creators = 1;

Alternatively, If you are not planning to use your MySQL server for the replication consider turning the binary logging off by removing the option –log-bin from the command options for the mysqld utility starting that MySQL server. Hope that helps developers experiencing similar issues with importing and exporting SQL or should I say, while creating a dump 😉

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