October 17, 2018

Spirit Lead Me

This is my worship
This is my offering
In every moment
I withhold nothing
I’m learning to trust You
Even when I can’t see it
And even in suffering
I have to believe it

If You say “it’s wrong”, then I’ll say “no”
If You say “release”, I’m letting go
If You’re in it with me, I’ll begin
And when You say to jump, I’m diving in
If You say “be still”, then I will wait
If You say to trust, I will obey
I don’t wanna follow my own ways
I’m done chasing feelings
Spirit lead me

[Verse 2]
It felt like a burden
But once I could grasp it
You took me further
Further than I was asking
And simply to see You
It’s worth it all
My life is an altar
Let Your fire fall
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November 23, 2016

“Yea” and “Amen”

What God says…He WILL do! How, When, What, and Where are things we would love to know but God doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t tell us these things. I am not sure why He does that. Maybe He wants to help us exercise our faith in Him? There are times when I feel frustrated – Read More-