December 30, 2016

J-O-Y – It’s so hard!

There’s so much meaning in kid’s songs. J-O-Y…J-O-Y…this must surely mean…Jesus first, Yourself last, and Others in between. While it’s easy to sing, it’s extremely hard to do – to give God first place in your life and to place others in front of yourself. To realise that everything is not about you or your – Read More-

May 4, 2015

Remain in the vine

Ever felt like you’re always being watched? If your answer was “No”…that’s no good. Because, you SHOULD feel like you’re being watched all the time. You see God is always watching over us along with the heavenly hosts. That might be comforting to know but what I am about to say might not be. You – Read More-

May 3, 2015

Hope for your hopelessness

Have you lost hope? Are you on the brink of giving up? Do you feel like the situations you are in are only becoming worse? Do you question on whether God is still listening to you? If your answer is “Yes!” to all or even some of them…I have some good news for you – – Read More-

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