March 9, 2015

So great the father’s love for us…

A lot of times during easter, people tend to focus on the sufferings, pain and humiliation that Jesus had to go through, but I believe we forgot the main point here. The focus should be on His LOVE for mankind – His creation. It’s love we cannot yet fully comprehend with. For God SO LOVED the world – Read More-

January 28, 2014

Are you in want of something?

Today, I have been reminded of one of the most important things that many of us forget with time. A lot of us tend to forget why we are here in this World…Where we are heading out to?…What are we supposed to be doing? We forget the fact that we’re here for a purpose and – Read More-

September 11, 2012

Once penniless…now a crorepati…

Very inspiring story of how God lifts people up from various backgrounds and brings them up high. This man is the founder of a very successful franchise business – Dosa Plaza. Hunger was his only companion when he roamed the streets of Mumbai in search of a job. At age 17, Prem Ganapathy left his – Read More-

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