January 19, 2017

Childlike Faith

I was talking to my little 9-year-old cousin the other day. After observing how passionate I was about aircraft, she said to me, I know you’ll buy that big aircraft one day. Then, we will all go to some nice place and enjoy ourselves. I scoffed and said, Sure! I am the type of person – Read More-

January 16, 2017

Against All Odds…

Life often puts us in situations where you think, “Now that’s just next to Impossible!”. Remember, these are the times when God proves Himself. It is amazing how you feel like God never comes to rescue when you can change things with your own strength. He only steps into the scene when you’ve given up; – Read More-

December 20, 2016

Yabba dabba doo!

The day when you expend every inch of your energy to present a case with facts that are left unexplained – just to get your points across. Your lips run dry, and you gasp for some air, but seconds later, you continue on your journey in remembering every thought stored in your heart and mind – Read More-

Roshan Jonah
December 10, 2016

You remind me of…

In the past week, I had the blessing of taking a short break from work. I had a wonderful time and what I enjoy most about these breaks is the time that it gives you to reflect on things. Moments like these shape our decisions and carve a pathway for our future. As I was walking РRead More-

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