May 19, 2017

End of the Week Conversation at Work

When you are single, but you feel like the love guru, so you start dishing out advice about things you have no clue about. This is one of my software developers getting advice from clearly the wrong person haha. Hopefully, he won’t “fall” for her. We’ll know soon enough. And lady, whoever you are, please – Read More-

January 2, 2014

Planning for the future?

Text on Ad: Planning ahead? Start thinking about the future before the present. Join the Westpac Kiwisaver Scheme. Text on shirt: A man is not a financial plan.

April 17, 2012

Universal Truth about Sun Rise…

“Universal truth about sun rising in the east…Sun neither rises nor sets, only earth rotates…So the moral of the story is…Education kills our common sense!”

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