September 21, 2016

My love affair with Docker

Last few days has been the worst for our business and part of it is to do with a┬ámuch-hated hosting provider – OVH. Some devs like it, and some don’t! If you read the reviews about this hosting, you’d probably find a lot of bad things said about them and their network than good ones. – Read More-

July 4, 2016

Easy Script to Test your CRON Job

Developers would know this…often times, we setup CRON Jobs to run on specific times to execute a specific file or perform a task but we really don’t know if it’s running as it should. Now I know many developers choose to have a script that probably logs its execution on a log file somewhere or – Read More-

April 18, 2016

Import MySQL Database via SSH

We have been migrating a lot of our MySQL databases across to Amazon RDS due to our extensive use of AWS services. In the process of doing this, we realized the traditional PhpMyAdmin UI doesn’t do the job anymore. It will timeout, and we need to keep uploading the same SQL multiple times to get – Read More-