I am not sure about you but I’ve encountered many people in my life who assign good for good and bad for bad. I think it maybe in our nature to do so. If something bad happens during the day, we try to associate it with our lack of prayer life, some sort of sin we committed earlier that day, or something else that we did that we shouldn’t have done.

God’s love for us is Unconditionally (Psalm 48:9, Romans 5:8, John 3:16). In other words, there is no condition there for which he loves us for. He loved us while we were yet sinners. So when something bad has happened to you, quit saying that is due to something you’ve done earlier that day, week, or month. It doesn’t work like that. He doesn’t reward us for what we truly deserve.

Now I am not talking about the spirit of God speaking to you and convicting you of sins you’ve committed or things you should have done differently. Thats a whole different topic but what I am trying to say is that God doesn’t work like ‘tit for tat’.

When God spoke this universe into creation, he set some laws to abide by. Consider these as a manual or safety instructions. We all know that his word doesn’t come back unfulfilledĀ (Isaiah 55:11). So these laws cannot be altered by him to suit your disobedience or lifestyle despite the fact that he loves you so much.

To put this in much simpler terms, we were all taught (some have experienced) that putting our hands in fire will burn us. This is natural consequence of putting your hands in the fire. Its not something satan did or God allowed. It your action coupled with foolishness (knowing for fact that fire is hot).

Lets say you disregard your parent’s word and put your hands in the fire. You will get burned. Now you parents love you a lot, but this doesn’t mean they can stop you always. They are there to guide you but not if you don’t want to listen to them. So they come to rescue, take you to the hospital and take care of you there-after.

Likewise, God gave us commandments to follow. If we choose not to obey it, we are bound to face the consequences of our action. Its not because satan has done it or God allowing it. Its your own actions resulting in serious consequences that you’ll have to deal with.

By this, I am not saying Satan is completely out of the picture here. He is afterall the father of lies and the accusers of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). He is the one behind all evil. His influence will surely be there in our decision making which eventually lead up to our actions being carried out. Make the right decisions and stop assigning everything to what you did or didn’t do.

If God really showed you what you truly deserved, we all wouldn’t be alive and well. He is a compassionate God but taking advantage of his love and compassion is a really bad idea. You are playing with fire that you cannot see but will surely feel.