Before you spoke the word – Just Grace | Before my cry was heard – Just Grace | Before my fingers and toes and my nose and my mouth were fashioned into place – Just Grace

And it’s only by Grace that Jesus has saved, its not by the works of my hands or my best laid plans. Just grace | and nothing but grace can fully erase | From my first to my last all my life will pass through grace.

Before I learnt to run – Just Grace | And before my songs were sung – Just Grace | Before I climbed my first tree, fell down on one knee and saw my baby boy’s face – Just Grace

Before the world began – Just Grace | the fathers perfect plan of grace | And you walked in my skin embraced me within then died there in my place – Just Grace | No shame | Taken away | Just grace and I stand amazed

From the ends of the earth to the height of the sky to the depths of my estate | Just Grace

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