December 26, 2018

We never know!

One of my recent finds on Facebook which was quite eye-opening. I am trying to learn this new lesson in life – to be more understanding. This is what the image caption said… “In this scene, the person who is on top cannot see the snake that is biting the person who is in the – Read More-

May 11, 2018

Top 50 Restaurants

1947 eatery Amano Apéro Augustus Bistro Azabu Baduzzi Cafe Hanoi Casita Miro Cassia Cazador Cibo Clooney Cocoro Coco’s Cantina Cotto Culprit Depot Ebisu Federal Delicatessen Gemmayze St Gusto at the Grand Han Hugo’s Bistro Inti Kazuya Lillius Madame George Masu Nanam O’Connell Street Bistro Odettes Orphans Kitchen Ortolana Pasta & Cuore Pasture Ponsonby Road Bistro – Read More-

March 30, 2017

Life without regrets?

I miss that real you. You remember that time when our conversation was on purchasing another car for myself. You said something like this, “Someone’s gotta tell you this…you can’t just buy anything you like”. I miss those days when you were…just…you. You felt free and part of my life. And I felt like I – Read More-

September 16, 2016

Love them while they’re still around…

A lot of times, we get carried away with our responsibilities and tasks. We give little thought towards our loved ones. The people who genuinely care about us. I am guilty of that. In earlier years of my life, when I was just starting to expand my businesses, I gave a little time to those who loved – Read More-

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