February 16, 2017

Listed on Softpedia!

What an awesome surprise? Today, I received an email stating that one of our business apps – Email Verifier App has been published on one of the world largest download website – Softpedia. This website has been around as far as I can remember and it takes months to get listed. Thank you, Lord! I – Read More-

November 8, 2012

God knows your heart’s desire

I just remembered how I always use to dream about living in a holiday place where everyday felt like a holiday. My dad was off every now and then to work and my couldn’t take day off to take us to places in India. She had to manage a lot of things. But God just – Read More-

September 8, 2012

God’s amazing forgiveness

Many of us have not yet mastered in living a Christian life. Some of us ask for forgiveness and wonder how our God can be so kind and willing to forgive. We have to remember that he has been spit on…crowned with thorn and brutally beaten. He took it all for us and we could – Read More-

August 29, 2012

Gay marriage bill New Zealand

I am quite upset as to where the world is heading. 1000 people have turned up to support Gay marriages.  I believe strongly against Gay marriages because marriage is defined from bible when God created Adam and Eve. Just as they say… Not Adam and Steve. If changing law is to reduce discrimination and provide – Read More-

August 28, 2012

Instead say

Instead of saying… We’ve never done it before say we have the opportunity to be first. We don’t have the resources say necessity fuels invention. There’s not enough time say we’ll change how we work. We’ve already tried that says we learned from experience. We don’t have the expertise say let’s network with those who – Read More-

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