July 11, 2017

That Beautiful Day…

As the song goes, This is how the story went, I met someone by accident, Who blew me away, Blew me away Today marks the day I first met you, I instantly knew you were special, Little I knew I’d become so close, Little I knew I’d care so much, Neither in Life nor in – Read More-

May 25, 2017

Backup, Backup, and Backup!

One of my good developers buzzed me on Skype this morning and said that he accidentally executed a MySQL command that reset the user API credit to 0. While it’s really frustrating and a heavy business loss for us, it’s important to realise that your developers are people too. We all make mistakes and how you – Read More-

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

There is no feeling like getting up early in the morning like those women did 2000 years ago and be able to say, “He is Risen!”. What Jesus did for us is truly incredible and hard to wrap our heads around. Why would someone who creates stars in the universe from His breath would choose – Read More-

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