In the past week, I had the blessing of taking a short break from work. I had a wonderful time and what I enjoy most about these breaks is the time that it gives you to reflect on things. Moments like these shape our decisions and carve a pathway for our future. As I was walking through the streets of Wellington, I could see some people enjoying themselves, having fun, and socialising with their friends. For some of them, the word “fun” came down to partying till the sun goes down. For others, it was good music, food, and people. The same word meant different things for different people. What was intriguing to see was their common desire to have “fun”.

Having this thought in mind, I was thinking, what is it that I am constantly reminded of in my walk with God. What comes to my mind when I think about things of God? – “Grace”. I have experienced this in bountiful. This word “Grace” has had such a profound affect on my life. It still does. Songs such as “Who am I”  makes me emotional because I realise that I have something I don’t deserve. A lot of times, we are not thankful for what we have or the things we receive from God. We just feel like we deserve those things because we worked for it. We shouldn’t  be feeling this way because there are so many people out there who work from sunrise to sunset just to make a living. Why should our God choose us to be blessed?

After understanding God’s concept of Grace, my prayer life took a complete U-Turn. Instead of asking for more, I realised I am more grateful for what I already have. Hands on my heart, I can honestly say that God has blessed me with all I need. If you think about it, there are millions of people out there who don’t have a roof over their heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, a family that love them, friends who care for them, and that special someone who has their heart set on them. I am thankful to God most of all for people I’ve met in my life. While pondering on this thought, I was thinking how we could meet people in places where we don’t go to socialise but somehow the people we meet there end up becoming a prominent part of our lives.

I feel like God sometimes has His way of showing you why you ought to be grateful. Do you have people in your life that resemble something? It could be a word, a statement, or even a promise of God. The minute you see them, you are instantly reminded of what they resemble in your life. I have someone in my life who constantly reminds me of God’s gracious to me. It’s amazing how God works in our lives. He has His way of making a point. When you think about them, you are reminded that what you have is not what you deserve. How precious are these gifts of God? Make sure you treasure them and be thankful for them every day. There hasn’t been a day so far I didn’t cry out to God in thankful for these precious gifts. I can almost imagine Him saying, “Son, you don’t deserve this, but I am giving you this as my gift because I love you”.

He gave me GRACEGod’s Riches At Christ Expense. Be thankful because not everyone has what you have. You might not have a private jet, a million dollar house, and billions of dollars in your bank but if you have people that love you for this little time you have on this planet – that’s more than enough to make the most of what God has in store for us. After all, it’s this very “love” that compelled God to send His very own. Talking of love, I was out on Friday handing out tracts for a Christmas program at our church. A lady walked up to me and said, “Does this Christianity work?”. I looked at her and I said, “Yup, it sure does for me”. She looked into my eyes and she said “I can see love in your eyes”, took a tract, and walked away. I was so happy hearing her say that because, in my daily prayer, I have been asking God, “Lord make me more like you so people may see your beauty, your graciousness and your love in me”. Love a little and remember…

God loves you more than you will ever know.