The day when you expend every inch of your energy to present a case with facts that are left unexplained Рjust to get your points across. Your lips run dry, and you gasp for some air, but seconds later, you continue on your journey in remembering every thought stored in your heart and mind from years in making. You say it all with a weak, frail, and shaky voice. You see the listener hear silently with patience, love, and care. You fail to give up till the last few second just to see the eyes that understood and a heart that chose to give you a chance. You leave overjoyed. With that little energy you have left, you celebrate in thankfulness and gratitude for a gift so undeserved. You have won the World. For you, this statement is quite literal but for others; it is just a saying. You think to yourself; It was all worth it. What you remember the most is not the lost energy or the struggle of recollection but those precious moments which you would treasure forever. Oh, how I wish we had a rewind button.