As the song goes,
This is how the story went,
I met someone by accident,
Who blew me away,
Blew me away

Today marks the day I first met you,
I instantly knew you were special,
Little I knew I’d become so close,
Little I knew I’d care so much,
Neither in Life nor in Realive,
That moment that left me feeling,
Ah, all so alive

There was something about you,
Something so so different,
That day I remember as if it was today,
I passed you by wondering who it was,
This strange new one – so tall and pretty

You turned around and said Hi,
As your bright blue eyes sparkled,
With a smile so wide and bright,
It was only a matter of time before I was mesmerised,
For a brief moment, we looked at each other,
And found ourselves mirroring one another

Words came out as if we knew each other all along,
It felt so effortless and affable after so long,
But I soon found myself lost for words and lost in time,
I didn’t want it to end by getting into the playtime,
After all, it was right after the kid’s mealtime,
And oh to stop and carry on, it felt like such a crime

I went home wondering if our encounter seem at all strange,
And thinking about the looks that we have exchanged,
I thought to myself that it can’t get any better,
I longed to meet you again knowing it was for a tether,
And for the first time, I wished I could freeze time

You speak your mind,
And I’ll speak mine,
Where have you been all this time,
Your smile brightens up my day,
As I hang on every word you say,
There are days when I tried so hard,
So hard to make you smile,
And boy was it worth the while

I still reminisce the day we met and how you made me feel,
Imagining that beautiful smile on your pretty face,
And the idea of staring into your dreamy blue eyes,
Just everything about you feels just right

When all the songs are over,
And all the words have been said,
The sun grows dim across the sky,
And the world prepares for bed,
Or at least someone does by eleven

I oft can take a moment now,
To view the sky above,
And whisper God a simple prayer,
To thank him for you and I

No one knows what tomorrow brings,
One can only wish and believe,
In a short while, we have sure been through a lot,
You taught me things I would never know otherwise

For whatever lies in our future and wherever we end up,
All you need to know is I am just a word away,
I am neither anxious nor waiting for what lies ahead for us,
Because I am beyond grateful and glad for the time we’ve had

So as I run out of my poetic words,
It’s only right to acknowledge the one,
Who made all this possible,
For without Him, we’d never have met,
So thank you, Lord, for you are such a good God

Maybe one day when heaven makes a way,
And when you and I have all the time in the world,
As we sit on a mountaintop somewhere far away,
In the quietness of that hour as the sun begins to fade,
Maybe I will tell you all about how I once felt,
Until then, you take care.

I will see you around and will keep letting my heart race as fast as it pleases!

Ps. We never meet people by accident. God brings them into our lives for reasons beyond our understanding. All we need to know is this – He’s got this! Just trust Him. He knows what He’s doing.

He uses different people to teach us different things. It’s meant to be a beautiful journey, so learn to enjoy it. And who knows what will happen at the end? It may turn out quite favorable after-all!