Those days when you have everything you would possibly need to do something great…something amazing…something that would take people’s breath way. When money is no issue because you are longing to see something that money can’t buy. When you just want the very best…for the very best. But somehow, in all this, you feel like your hands are tied up with this invisible rope. You can’t carry them out. Nothing that you wanted to do is now possible. So you sit silently on your bed bewildered, disheartened, and disappointed.

I think in moments like these when you’re feeling helpless, you realise how truly incapable and weak you are as a man. These moments have a way of proving to us that you can have everything in this world to make it all happen, the money to buy what you intended on purchasing, the strength to put it all together, the knowledge to formulate a perfect plan, the wisdom to execute that plan successfully, the resources to monitor and make it all unfold smoothly but if it’s not God’s will, it just ain’t happening.

At times, God has a way of showing us our rightful place when we think to ourselves – “I got this! There’s nothing that could possibly go wrong”. I guess sometimes even with the best of intentions you can’t have your way in this world. We can try and reason all day but still fail to find fault in God’s faultless and divine ways.

In the end, it’s usually the thought that counts right? 😉 Not sure if it counts just as much as performing the real thing but I sure wish it does.