Today was just as any other day… Woke up early in the morning…prayer…breakfast…And got into work.

I was told to bring some veges from the farmers market. In there…they don’t accept card but only cash. So I went to a nearby shop to buy something and withdraw some cash.

The shopkeeper was friendly at the start…smiled at me…asked if I needed notes or coins. My card got declined. This was sort of a surprise to me because generally I have enough money in there. The withdrawal amount was just 10 dollars.

He stopped smiling and didn’t even respond back as I exited the shop saying “thank you”.

This act of his got me thinking. I went back in there to try again because I had no other card with me. He didn’t seem very happy but agreed to try again. It was declined again. This time he was really angry. He told me off with an angry tone “you wasted my money”. No response to my apologies or Thank you again.

This made me wonder about people who are really poor and who really can’t afford as little as 10 dollars. I grieved a lot inside not because of what happened to me but for people who live around that neighborhood. Imagine the hurt they bear because they are helpless having little or no qualification, single mothers having kids to raise on their own. We have a lot of single mothers in New Zealand.

Then I knew what I had to learn from this experience. All the shopkeeper lost is 0.20 cents transaction fee and he makes a large chunk of profit. That 20 cents can have a huge impact on someones life. The people out there are already going through rough times and to have someone shout at you that is like throwing a rock on ‘nearly’ dead person.

Its ok if you loose money but its very important to think twice by getting inside someone’s shoes before you react.

Give grace as God gave and still gives you grace. You’ll learn to appreciate more for the things God has given you in your life.