Merry Christmas Everybody!

Love – a word that no one fully understands but everyone has felt it in some part of their life. In my opinion and experience, I can say that your love for something or someone is a little comprehensible and evident when you are willing to give up everything in your path. The things you valued at one stage are no longer as important or valuable as your love for something or someone subsides it. Jesus gave it all up for us. God valued us far more than His own son that we might have life; life more abundant. He wanted to give us the eternal life.

When you are delighted to give up everything in your life for something or someone, that’s when you realise the full extent of your love. The reality and trueness of your love are revealed in these instances. You don’t see it as “giving up” because for you, your mind is set on what you love most. You are just delighted to do it. God is seeking for this genuine love from us. He wants us to love him genuinely not ritually or superficially. Abraham had to give up what he treasured the most (Isaac – his only son) but he proved to God that God was more important to Him than the most valuable person God had placed in his life.

Take time to celebrate the reason for the season. We received today the most precious and greatest gift to mankind.

“When I couldn’t come to where He was…He came to me…”