Past few days, I have been constantly checking my phone, email and every other communication channel to see if there were any updates. This even extended to level “craziness” where even when you wake up in the middle of the night, you check for updates. It is harder to sleep, almost impossible to perform tasks in an efficient manner, and difficult to undertake any new tasks. There were times when I switched off the WiFi thinking that it is probably playing up. All this because you are expecting something that is important and means a lot to you.

I am sure many of you have experienced this in some part of your life. It might be waiting eagerly for a reply of an important business proposal you sent out, a job that you so desire, a message from your loved ones, or even an update of something that really interests you. Moments like these demand your full attention. It is constantly on your mind. You don’t have time to think about anything else. That one thing is the only thing that occupies your mind.

You don’t prioritise your tasks anymore because your most important task is this one task. You tend to give it your constant undivided attention. You might undertake your routine tasks but this thought just wouldn’t leave your mind. You find yourself having this line of thought that almost never ends. It’s like ‘chewing the cud’ – You see everything that is going on, you carry out the tasks in front of you but this thought line is always open, continually being processed in the background.

For software folks who read this blog, this might be a good illustration for y’ll. Think of it as background processes in Linux. Imagine executing some shell commands in a screen window. You can’t see what is using up resources right away but it is processing things in the background. You might sometimes wonder what’s taking up so much memory and CPU on your instance until you hit ‘screen -r’. That will show you the background processes that have been running all along.

While thinking about these past few days in my prayer time, I could almost imagine God waiting silently by my side. He is always there right beside us. We say that so often but do we really acknowledge His presence? I know I don’t often do that. He loves us so much. Just like you are waiting for that email, message, or update to come through, He is eagerly waiting to talk to you. His desire to have oneness with us is something we can’t put into words. He is madly in love with you and me. He wants to know everything about what’s going on in our lives even though He knows it all.

There is something amazing about hearing things from people you love. For example, think of little children, they often have stories that are rather dull and you already know how it is going to end. Does this mean you will stop listening to them or discourage them from telling you? No way! You just wouldn’t because you love them so much. They are so precious in your sight. You just want to hear from them even if they are repeating the same story again. You want to see their enthusiasm, expressions, and feel their emotions. You want to see their tiny eyes light up and most often it is bound to bring a smile to your face. You want to see their understanding of this world and their perspective on things.

I think that is how God sees us. He wants to hear from us. So I encourage you to talk to him about everything – tell him how you feel, how you want to feel, what troubles you, and how He can be of assistance. I can almost guarantee you – He will listen and He will answer. He is a loving God and he loves us so much. Just like the illustration above of ‘chewing the cud’, we ought to be like the Psalmist. We need to meditate on God’s word and have him continually in our Hearts and Minds (Psalms 1:2).