Many of us have not yet mastered in living a Christian life. Some of us ask for forgiveness and wonder how our God can be so kind and willing to forgive.

We have to remember that he has been spit on…crowned with thorn and brutally beaten. He took it all for us and we could never ever go through what He did. He should be more angry than us having grudge on the mankind. But He doesn’t… And you know what He said just before he died on the cross,  “father forgive them for they know not what the do”.

What a wonderful savior we have. Getting back to the point…on one occasion when I asked Him for forgiveness…I also asked him how he could forgive us so many times. He said to me “I know what’s going on in the spiritual realm but you don’t…”.

Then I realized what God meant…He understands who is the driving force behind our sinful acts – satan. He knows what we are going through each day. After all, he went through much bigger temptations than we can ever bear.

This gift of forgiveness doesn’t mean we continue in sin hoping he would forgive us all the time. You never know when your last day is or when the grace provided to you is used up. Do realize that true repentance makes space for true forgiveness.

Be prepared and be watchful folks.