What do you feel like doing today?

Think about it. I can tell you with 95 percent confidence that your answer will be something that you shouldn’t be doing. I feel like taking a day off but I can’t afford to because my exams are coming up and I’ve got plenty of projects to finish.

Don’t trust your feelings. They almost always lead you in a wrong direction (Don’t mistake this with the Spirit of God guiding you). Feelings are constantly changing. They come and go. They are never the same like our God. Let’s look at some biblical examples to get this into perspective.

Abraham didn’t trust his feelings. God was giving him great promises about his descendants but he didn’t have anyone of his own to have the slightest hope of having God’s promises fulfilled. When he at last had a son, God wanted him back. I’m sure Abraham didn’t feel like giving him up but he was willing to regardless of his feelings. He didn’t trust his feelings. We can still see those promises coming to fulfillment, even today.

Feelings lead you away from God. We can see that through the life of David. He was known to be the man after God’s own heart. He trusted his feelings when he saw that woman having a shower. He did what was wrong in sight of God and of men. He took another man’s wife as his own. Then, He killed her husband who was faithfully serving him on the battlefield – talk about one sin leading to another.

Don’t trust your feelings. This very concept applies when you’re spending time with God as well. In those moments of quietness with God, you may not feel a thing but you will come refreshed and renewed. God doesn’t operate in the physical realm. Therefore, you can never feel his presence. You can only know Him in spirit that he is there with you.

Many folks mistake God’s power with His presence. They say things like, “Oh, I felt the presence of God” when they were actually feeling his power. You see, God’s presence which you cannot feel changes the heart of man while God’s power which you can feel heals your physical body.

Ask God for his presence go with you today. When he is there with you, his power is always at hand in the time of need.